Week 10: InityPirates.com

This week’s creation came at the request of a regular Inity Studios artist named Chris Tipsy who wanted a place to share his 2011 release The Game Of Life Mixtape. I’ve long thought that it would be great to have our own private, customizable place where we could give away music created by myself and other Inity artists for those who would otherwise seek to download a pirated copy elsewhere. With Chris’ suggestion I thought why not include our local, connected musical family and make a broader community out of it?

InityPirates.com is a site based on “permissive piracy”. It’s permissive because, well, the artists said it’s okay. But it’s piracy ’cause free, full, high quality mp3s of entire albums that are for sale elsewhere is as good as robbery! Of course, you can always make a donation to the artist(s) if you choose to.

The site will have Inity Studios artist, as well as our friends, including artists recorded by Diverse and others. It is newly built, so will have more artists and albums added soon. I haven’t even got any of my own tunes up there yet! But there are a few artists with great music up there already.

Delay and Perfect, or Warts and All?

Although the site does just fine it’s main purpose of making mp3s available for playing or downloading, there’s still many problems with the site at the moment. For starters, the social sharing doesn’t seem to function as it should. Also, getting the PayPal donation button to work properly has proven equally difficult, so I had to leave it out for the time being. There’s some fundamental issues with the way the artist/album pages are generated that I haven’t been able to resolve yet.

But, as much as the perfectionist in me wants to fix all that before launching, Weekly Creations is all about getting something finished and posted. It’s Saturday night, at the end of week 10 of the year, and there’s no delaying tonight’s post. I’m proud of myself for keeping to schedule this far! The perfectionist in me cringes each weekend. But I’m glad to be posting. 🙂

So here it is, warts and all: InityPirates.com


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