Week 9: “Good Vibes” – Acoustic

While I haven’t gotten into some of the creations I hoped to make by now yet, I am kind of enjoying doing there little acoustic tracks. This one is a tune I wrote a few years back called Good Vibes.

I recorded it on my iPhone for convenience sake, so the sound quality is a little less than the others, but it’s still half decent anyway. I always liked this particular song. Let me know what ya think of it!

Coming Projects

I suppose an acoustic version of an old track isn’t as much of a “creation” as it is just a little performance. Admittedly, I only did today’s track as a last minute thing because any of the other creations I could have potentially posted just aren’t quite there yet. I have a few other creations on the go. One is another website that I started at the request of an artist that frequents Inity Studios. You’ll probably see that one next week.

I want to move away from so many web projects and little acoustic performances. At the start of the year I would never have assumed I’d be focusing so much on web stuff with Weekly Creations. I hope to get into a few tech/electronics projects in the coming weeks. I have some great projects in that department that I just need to drop a couple bucks into.

(On a side note: If you or anyone you know has any old electronics, drop me a line! Particularly any old computers or LCD monitors or TVs – preferably working, though items with malfunctions, dead pixels, etc. are still potential useful.)

Aside from the tech and web projects, I also have some quality final recordings and new songs that I’m working on – things of a little bit more substance that I’m looking forward to posting.

So until next week, stay creative!