Week 18: New Song “Mr. Jones” – Acoustic

Here’s a new track I wrote last week called Mr. Jones. I’ve actually had the chorus floating around for a few years, but never fleshed it out. I’m glad I finally did!

Year’s End

Well, I had hoped that I’d get back into this fast enough after slipping off to be able to catch up and get to the full 52 posts before year’s end, but clearly that didn’t happen. I do, however, have a handful of projects I’ve done but haven’t yet posted, so I’ll have a few more before then. Either way, I’ll be continuing on with Weekly Creations into the new year.

So until next time, much love and creativity!

Week 12: DIY Studio Sound Absorption Panels

(Update: Click here for the full diy sound panel tutorial, or visit InityAcoustics.com for professionally made panels)

This week I took on a little DIY project for the studio. I’ve needed some sound absorption acoustical panels for a while now. They can be pretty pricey – anywhere between $60 and $200 per 2′ x 4′ panel – but the materials themselves aren’t nearly that expensive.

So, I made some myself… for under $20 a piece!

Sound absorption panels not only make a huge difference in a studio, but they’re also quite useful in any home theater or media room. We’re all generally used to acoustically untreated rooms, so we don’t even realize what a difference they can make. But when sound bounces off walls before reaching the listener (or microphone, in the case of the studio) it gets muddy. The short delay in the reflected sound causes a subtle echo effect that greatly reduces clarity and distinguishability.

Sound absorption acoustical panels effectively cut the reflections off hard surfaces in the room and leave you with just the clean, direct, unadulterated sound. This is why movie theaters have giant panels on every wall. In a home theater, It’s like combining the clarity of headphones with the power of surround sound speakers!

Glenn Leybourne

In the studio the panels serve to create crisp, clear recordings. I built the panels last night, and today we had a great acoustic player in the studio by the name of Glenn Leybourne. Anything short of the clarity of an environment treated with these panels would be an injustice to Glenn’s great sounding voice and guitar. Give a listen to this!

New York’s Not My Home – Glenn Leybourne

Crisp and clear!

The panels are pretty simple structurally – made from sound absorption insulation within a wooden frame and wrapped in a sound-transparent fabric (that lets the sound through to be absorbed by the insulation, instead of reflected by the fabric). In my next post I’ll do a little tutorial on how they’re made.

In the meantime, enjoy Glenn’s music, and stay creative!

Week 9: “Good Vibes” – Acoustic


While I haven’t gotten into some of the creations I hoped to make by now yet, I am kind of enjoying doing there little acoustic tracks. This one is a tune I wrote a few years back called Good Vibes.

I recorded it on my iPhone for convenience sake, so the sound quality is a little less than the others, but it’s still half decent anyway. I always liked this particular song. Let me know what ya think of it!

Coming Projects

I suppose an acoustic version of an old track isn’t as much of a “creation” as it is just a little performance. Admittedly, I only did today’s track as a last minute thing because any of the other creations I could have potentially posted just aren’t quite there yet. I have a few other creations on the go. One is another website that I started at the request of an artist that frequents Inity Studios. You’ll probably see that one next week.

I want to move away from so many web projects and little acoustic performances. At the start of the year I would never have assumed I’d be focusing so much on web stuff with Weekly Creations. I hope to get into a few tech/electronics projects in the coming weeks. I have some great projects in that department that I just need to drop a couple bucks into.

(On a side note: If you or anyone you know has any old electronics, drop me a line! Particularly any old computers or LCD monitors or TVs – preferably working, though items with malfunctions, dead pixels, etc. are still potential useful.)

Aside from the tech and web projects, I also have some quality final recordings and new songs that I’m working on – things of a little bit more substance that I’m looking forward to posting.

So until next week, stay creative!

Week 8: “Right Back” – Sublime Cover

Happy Birthday Bradley Nowell!!

Here’s another birthday cover for another incredible musician who died too young. If you know me, you know I’ve always loved Sublime’s music. Although I haven’t jammed on their tunes in a while, I used to play their stuff everyday. I love Sublime!!

Here’s one of my favorites. 🙂

Week 6 – #2: “Get Together” – New Demo Recording

Photo by Natalie Miller

A second post for week 6! I’m on top I’m my game this week. 🙂

I wrote this tune at the first sign of summer weather last year, but never took the time to record it. I had the idea in mind with just a simple acoustic thing I put down on my iPhone, but left any work on it for “later”.

Then, earlier this week my neighbor who runs the restaurant downstairs came by with a case of Coronas that a party had requested with their booked but only drank a couple out of. So, this is what happens when you combine a discount case of Coronas and a warm week in February with a guy like me. Looks like summer came early!


Normally I’d give a tune at least a couple days so I can come back to it with fresh ears to finish it off. But this is just a first run demo, and the Weekly Creations vibe is all about wrappin’ it and putting it out there. So, tell me what you think!

Week 6: “Johnny Was” – Bob Marley Cover

Happy Birthday Bob!!

It’s rare for someone to be called a “Legend” and society unanimously agrees. John Lennon, Bruce Lee and Bob Marley are three undisputed Legends. None can compare, but we can all pay tribute.

I always love jammin’ on Bob’s tunes. This is one that doesn’t get played much but is just an insanely awesome song. I hope you enjoy it!

Week 3: Cover of Little Wing (SRV style)

Well, like the last couple weeks, I had to put something together last minute! But here it is. I decided this afternoon to do a cover of one of my favorite tracks to play on guitar: Hendrix’s Little Wing. I’ve always wanted to record a version of this tune. It’s always been a huge inspiration. One day I’ll have to take a little time to really make this my own, but for now, I basically just bit Stevie Ray Vaughan’s styling (and some of his licks to boot!).


The backing track I played over was created by a YouTube user (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uE0DbTvQII). I made plenty of mistakes – it’s far from perfect – but I’ve been having a blast jamming on this track occasionally over the years, so it was a lot of fun taking the time to record it today. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed recording it! One day I’ll play it reggae style. 🙂