Inspired by past “project 365” endeavors from some friends, I decided to do a “project 52” on “weekly creations”; i.e. create and share something new and (hopefully) of interest each week for a year. The type of creation will be limited only by the scope of my passions and interests, and so I imagine will end up including things like new songs, other musical collaborations, events, DIY projects, tech projects, renovation projects, web projects, starting a business, etc.

It’s kinda just a way to keep myself focused on creating and, more importantly for me, completing something of interest every week.

My name is Mike Cavano. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m a musician in the band Suburban Sunrise, was a busker for over a decade, and now run Inity Studios and an indie record label called Inity Arts & Music. I’ve always loved DIY stuff and especially anything with electronics or computer science, like creating makeshift solutions to technological problems, in and out of the studio.

Hopefully this year’s creations will include things that intrigue, interest and/or entertain.