Week 19: DIY Smart Mirror

Well, it’s been over four years since I paid attention to this Weekly Creations site/project. I’ve definitely continued to create all the while but didn’t find the time to document things, unfortunately. I think in the coming weeks I’ll write a couple posts to sum up some of the things myself and others around here have been creating, including building the studio in 2014, all the music projects we’ve done in there since, and all the developments with Inity Acoustics, like our shop and latest products.

After those posts, I’d like to regularly write here again. There are so many creative projects and people around here these days worthy of sharing.

Entryway Smart Mirror

In the meantime, here is the most recent project I’ve had some fun with. I just finished this smart mirror today and put it up near my front door. It displays the time, date, weather, custom info from the web (currently configured to random quotes), as well as a bunch of other options.

It’s powered by an old smashed up Samsung Note 2. The phone’s display was completely smashed, but everything else worked fine. I plugged that into an old monitor I had ripped apart for some experiments years ago. The mirror part is glass from a display unit my neighbor was throwing out, with two-way mirror window film I picked up at the Home Depot. Then I built a quick frame for it with some extra lumber from the shop.

I plan to make another (or two) using different computers, software, and materials, and a bunch of cooler features. Maybe I’ll write a tutorial comparing different designs after I find which outcome I like best. If you’d find that useful, let me know!