Week 1: The Weekly Creations Website

Okay, so for the first week’s creation, and to start of the Weekly Creations endeavor, I’ve created this Weekly Creations website! It’s nice and simple – designed to get the job done, not glorify it. You can check out the About page for some basic info on this site and what it’s for.

It’s a simple site, but I hope it’ll be a great foundation for this endeavor. I’ve added some basic functionality, like a social plugin, a contact form and some pic changes and other minor tweaks to the basic theme. But in the spirit of social collaboration, I’d love to hear some thoughts on what would make this site better, while keeping it simple. Please comment!

And while I have a few things in mind, I’d also love to hear some ideas for future weekly creations topics!

Until next week, stay creative.

4 thoughts on “Week 1: The Weekly Creations Website

  1. First πŸ™‚

    Ok now that I have that out of the way…………….Grab an e-mail capture plug in and slap it on the site. There is a gazillion different ones for wordpress. Aweber has a free option if you dont have an e-mail responder. As you probably know. lists are king, especially targeted ones. Thats my two cents. Looking forward to the next 51 projects.


    • And it seems I need to set up my spam filters and auto-approval of posts too!!

      Thanks Alex! Aweber is awesome… definitely gonna take a peak at other WP options though. Good idea!

    • Thanks Ann! You’ve been an inspiration many times, so hopefully I can send some back your way.

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