Week 6 – #2: “Get Together” – New Demo Recording

Photo by Natalie Miller

A second post for week 6! I’m on top I’m my game this week. 🙂

I wrote this tune at the first sign of summer weather last year, but never took the time to record it. I had the idea in mind with just a simple acoustic thing I put down on my iPhone, but left any work on it for “later”.

Then, earlier this week my neighbor who runs the restaurant downstairs came by with a case of Coronas that a party had requested with their booked but only drank a couple out of. So, this is what happens when you combine a discount case of Coronas and a warm week in February with a guy like me. Looks like summer came early!


Normally I’d give a tune at least a couple days so I can come back to it with fresh ears to finish it off. But this is just a first run demo, and the Weekly Creations vibe is all about wrappin’ it and putting it out there. So, tell me what you think!

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