Week 4: WeeklyCreations.com Theme

Week 4, ahead of schedule!!  🙂

Okay, it feels good to not be posting this at the last minute on Saturday night. However, I am planning to have a second post for week 4… “planning” that is.

Anyway, this week I completed the current theme to this website; the Weekly Creations “Da Vinci” Theme. I may play around with it a little more in the future to add some fun stuff, but for now, I’m calling it done and ready for use!

Here’s a comparison of the old theme and the new one:

As a musician, it’s nice to dabble in visual creativity. It’s something I don’t do nearly as much, but I love it nonetheless. I’d like to paint one day, just like Da Vinci himself. I love and admire the vast and complimentary creativity of polymaths.

I think this little change will have a big impact on the feel of a site of this nature. It’s a “Weekly Creations” site, it should have a creative look!

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